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Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a wonderful opportunity to receive coaching while learning from the successes (and challenges) of other group participants. It is a way to receive double the coaching at half the cost! Group coaching is not a workshop. In a workshop, the instructor determines what information and content is taught and when. However, in group coaching the coach facilitates and coaches, taking cues from the needs of the group. Thus, the agenda belongs to the group, and participation is key. Your peers give you feedback, help you brainstorm new possibilities, and set up supportive accountability structures that keep you focused and on track. Not only will you gain tremendous insights, which can improve your personal relationships – group coaching is a highly effective and efficient use of time. 

The Unique Benefits of the Group Coaching Program:

#1 You are not alone:  Working in a group with other people helps you to see that you are not alone in your struggles.  You begin to see that other people are often in the same situation as you are (which can be an emotional encouragement), so together you can move forward.

#2 You feel supported by an expert: As your coach and relationship expert I am there to facilitate and guide you in areas you feel stuck in.  I have helped many women and men get unstuck, find love and even walk down the aisle in healthy and happy relationships.  As your coach, I will be fair, honest, non-judgmental and professional.

#3 Accountability and results:  Not only will you make a commitment to yourself to show up, get the help you need and do the work.  However, you will be holding yourself accountable to a group of your peers that will sensitively support you through this journey.

#4 Learn from others:  Group coaching is a great way to learn from others by listening to their concerns and by helping them to get clear and sort out their challenges.  We often learn best through teaching, and we can often see our solutions through other people’s struggles quicker than in our own.

#5 Affordable: Group coaching offers similar results you would get working with me 1:1, but at a more affordable price.

#6 It is fun!:  The idea of meeting with a group of individuals struggling in love may sound awkward. However, it’s actually a lot of fun because every session you leave inspired, feel empowered and gain clarity about your situation. Also, your confidence improves by helping others and sharing your stories.

#7 An awesome return on investment:  The ROI for group coaching is amazing!  You meet like-minded friends, thus expanding your mindset. You gain clarity, insight, amazing practical tips, tools and strategies. 

#8 All sessions have a foundation in Islamic psychology: This will help you with both your deen (and faith) and your essential understanding of the main issue at hand.

These groups are small (between 4 and 8 people) and are designed to be interactive and supportive. 

The group meetings will begin by covering the specific topics for that session. Participants are urged to come prepared with a specific goal in mind at the beginning of each session, and be willing to take action. Discussion of those actions, coaching through mindful questioning, guiding and supporting will be an integral part of the group coaching process.


✓ 1 60-minute group coaching session per week for 4-6 weeks

Group Coaching Dates: 2024

Coming Soon

Understanding, Healing and Moving on From Codependency


Women Only

We meet via Zoom every Monday evening at 7pm UK GMT time for 6 weeks.

Understand, process and heal from abuse inflicted on you as a result of your codependency and learn how you can break this toxic cycle and elevate to empath status.

Coming soon

Understanding, Healing and Moving on After Divorce


Women Only

We meet via Zoom every Tuesday evening at 7pm UK GMT time for 6 weeks.

Learn how to break the trauma bond and move on in life after a difficult divorce. Learn how to regain your self esteem, rebuild your self value and come to complete acceptance of God’s Decree. Learn how to find the hidden gems He has placed in your lessons and how to attract an empath. 

Coming soon

Pre-Marital Counselling: Learn How to Trust Your Intuition


Women Only

We meet via Zoom every Wednesday evening at 7pm UK GMT time for 4 weeks.

Learn how to spot the signs of narcissism in potential husbands in person and online. This program will teach you how to tap into the full power of your intuition.

Coming soon

We meet via Zoom every Thursday evening at 7pm UK GMT time for 6 weeks.

Are you being hoovered by your ex whom you are till trauma bonded to? Do you need help understanding them and being strong enough to resist and go completely no contact? Is he using the kids to guilt-trip you? Jump on this program and I'll teach you how to deal with this!

Understand the Narcissist's Hoover 


Women Only

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