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Counselling & Coaching Agreement

Please read the following information carefully before any sessions take place. If there’s anything you’re unsure of please ask.




  • Everything we discuss in our sessions together is kept strictly confidential unless you give me permission to convey some information you tell me to someone else.


  • Your data is kept on a secure server that no one but myself has access to.


  • You can’t ask about someone else whom you know is having counselling/coaching sessions with me.


Frequency, Cancellation and Length of Sessions:


  • I will email you a Zoom link prior to the appointment time to give you time to charge your phone/laptop and prepare for the session.


  • Each Zoom session is 60 mins long, but you’re free to leave whenever you want. We would normally meet weekly and review the exercises and progress from the previous week to assess the next steps to take.


  • I require at least 24 hours notice in advance via email if you can’t make it to a session or as soon as possible in exceptional circumstances. I will follow the same procedure if I need to reschedule a session too. Any sessions that are missed without any prior notice will be charged at full price.


Requirements for Counselling/Coaching:


  • It is not okay to attend the sessions because you have been forced or pressurised to do so. You must come to the sessions out of your own free will to benefit fully.


  • I need to be informed of any disorders you may have been diagnosed with and if you’re on any medications, such as anti-depressants and lithium for bipolar disorder. I also need to know about any jinn possession you may be aware of.


  • If you have any issues or complaints about the session please send them to me as soon as possible so I can address them.


  • You must be willing to commit to the exercises I set you each week so that you can make significant progress.


  • I require attendance and complete honesty, no matter how difficult it may be, so that I can help you in the best way possible.


About the program sessions:


  • My programs involve a balanced mix of: counselling, coaching and Islamic psychology, so I will always reference knowledge I give you back to Islamic teachings that help us to deal with mental health issues and disorders.


  • My sessions are informal and friendly and all done over Zoom, with or without video, for women and without video for men.


  • My program is not designed to keep you needing therapy for years, as others are.

The Sessions and Programs:


The single sessions are beneficial for those who just need a consultation about a specific issue.


The 3 session program is beneficial for those who need help dealing with a narcissist or working through some difficulties in dealing with a problem, such as a difficult divorce or child custody arrangement.


The 6 session program is beneficial for couples who need marriage counselling and people who wish to understand, deal with and heal from their narcissism or co-dependency.

The 4 group coaching sessions are beneficial for those who find them more affordable and don't mind being coached with other people in similar situations.

  • Refunds aren’t issued for the sessions and programs, unless you truly feel that you haven’t benefitted from the program. In this case you can get back 50% of the service fee you paid.

  • You have up to 6 months from the date of your first appointment to book your remaining sessions, if you need to defer them for any reason. At 6 months this offer will expire and you will need to book more sessions.

If this is what you’re looking for and need, I’d love to help you find the right tools within yourself to independently deal effectively with all kinds of people and whatever life may bring your way, now and in the years to come inshallah.


I have read and understood the above information and I agree to the conditions of counselling/coaching as made clear to me.

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