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The Muslim Narcissist

Dr. Mona Alyedreessy

Learn about Muslim narcissists, narcissism and co-dependency from an Islamic psychological perspective and how to heal from narcissistic, cultural and spiritual (religious) abuse

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Who is the book for?

  • Muslim teenagers. 

  • Muslims who are looking for a marriage partner.

  • Non-Muslims who are considering Islam as a way of life.

  • New converts to Islam.

  • Muslims who have narcissistic parents.

  • Muslims who are married to narcissists and are going through religious and spiritual abuse.

  • Muslim parents and school teachers.

  • Muslims who are going through a problematic divorce procedure with a narcissistic partner.

  • People who want to understand an Islamic viewpoint on narcissism, identity formation and mental health issues.

  • Non-Muslims who have relationships with Muslim narcissists or want to learn more about Islam.

  • People who suffer from strong narcissism, sociopathy and psychopathy.

  • Scholars, mental health experts, psychologists and religious leaders.

  • Muslims who want to heal and move on from narcissistic, religious and spiritual abuse.

  • Muslims in prison.

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What you will learn and benefit from the book

  • What narcissism, empathy and co-dependency are from an Islamic psychological understanding.

  • Where personality disorders and mental health issues are rooted in childhood and upbringing. 

  • How to identify mental health issues in ourselves and others.

  • How to avoid marrying narcissists and toxic relationships.

  • How to deal with the narcissists in your life.

  • How to increase your faith and maintain a strong relationship with God.

  • How to heal from mental health traumas, hardships, experiences and abuse.

  • How to stop the cycle of narcissistic abuse in your families and children.

  • How to develop a strong moral character and identity. 

  • How to master your desires and put your dignity and self-respect first.

  • How to love yourself and teach others how to treat you.

  • How to trust God, see the positive lessons in  every experience and appreciate the spiritual gift of intuition. 

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