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Counselling & Coaching

Are you in need of some 1-1 counselling and coaching through the difficult areas of your life with a Muslim therapist?

If you are a victim of narcissistic abuse, want to protect yourself from being a victim of it or feel you have a narcissistic personality… my program is for you!


The program is designed to help solve your specific challenges with the narcissist you are dealing with — it could be you, your husband, your wife, your parents, the person you are considering for marriage or your friend. 

If you seriously want to break the toxic cycle of narcissism, stop all the nightmares, escape a terrible situation, resolve painful issues from your past, navigate a divorce process safely, find the right partner and improve your relationship with God, your parents, siblings, wife, or husband, recover from years of abuse and truly heal yourself from the inside…

Then my 1-to-1 counselling and coaching program will help you get what you need.


The Investment Needed

If you have read the testimonials, you will see how my expertise has changed the lives of so many people just like you alhamdulilah.

And the approach I use is proven to be effective and highly transformative. 

- ​​The single sessions are beneficial for those who just need a consultation about a specific issue.

- The 3 session program is beneficial for those who need help with their search for a marriage partner, or working through some difficulties in dealing with a problem, such as being gaslighted, self-doubt, a difficult divorce or child custody arrangement.

- The 6 session program is beneficial for people who wish to understand, deal with and heal from their narcissism or co-dependency. It is also helpful for those who need help navigating life with a narcissist.

Based on the level of experience, expertise and success I have in the subject field, my rates are as follows:

Each session is 1 hour long.

1 consultation session - £120 

3 session program (3 weeks) - £330 

6 session program (6 weeks) - £600

6 session program (6 weeks) - £780 – (In this program you’ll be able to send me emails, DMs in Instagram, case updates and questions that I will respond to in between sessions).


If you book 3 sessions and need to add 1 or 2 more, it will be £100 per session after that. If you have multiple issues that need addressing, I recommend 6 sessions that are more cost-effective too.


If you’d like to book the 6 week program but wish to split the payment, I charge £330 for the first 3 sessions and you will be charged the discounted rate of £270 for the next 3 sessions if you wish to complete the program.


If you’d like to book the second 6 week program but wish to split the payment, I charge £420 for the first 3 sessions and you will be charged the discounted rate of £360 for the next 3 sessions if you wish to complete the program.


If you feel that you need 2 weeks between sessions instead of 1 week to think, reflect and complete the exercises there’s no problem with that. It is recommended that you don’t book a session longer than 2 weeks after the previous one.

6 session program for married couples who need mediation and help resolving their issues - £600

The first and last sessions will be held with both husband and wife. 2 sessions will be for the wife alone and 2 sessions will be for the husband alone in order to get each side of the problem in detail. Please note that paymemts for marital counselling and mediation need to be paid upfront in full. 


There is a discounted fixed rate of £80 per hour for children, teenagers and young adults under the age of 25.

I accept bank transfer, Paypal, Western Union and Moneygram payment methods. After your application has been accepted, I will send you the details for payment.

If this is an investment you cannot currently make, you have access to plenty of free information and counselling in my podcasts and you are welcome to join the discounted group coaching sessions I do for help and advice. Please sign up to the mailing list on the website to get information about when they are scheduled. You can also find many support groups, organisations and charities that offer free counselling sessions, but there is usually a very long waiting list for them. 

Important note: I do not submit police statements for clients, simply because I do not have time to travel to different cities to attend court. Anyone who submits a police statement is legally bound to attend court if they are called in and this isn't something I can commit to.

Whether you come to me for counselling or any other therapist, each day you postpone and delay your healing journey, the more your  situation will become more difficult and complex to deal with. 

So, for how much longer will you sacrifice your happiness, your desires and your freedom?

If you are serious about solving your specific challenges around narcissism, then NOW is the time to act!


Time is precious, please don’t waste it when you could heal, learn to love yourself, move on with your life and do great things!

If you’re interested in booking a session/program with me, please click on the button below to read the terms and conditions of my service and to submit an application.



I hope to hear from you, I really would love to help you. Nothing makes my day more than seeing my clients overcome their difficulties and embrace a whole new life with a big smile!


To your healing and freedom! 

Dr. Mona Alyedreessy

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